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Skaz: Masters of Russian Storytelling

Skaz, a unique narrative form with prominent oral, storytelling qualities, has been used by Russian authors to explore countless settings and topics ranging from irreverent to tragic, from quotidian to magical. This dual-language anthology, which includes stories by Babel, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Zoschchenko, and many other skaz masters, incorporates the Russian text side-by-side with the English translation.

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Translit Publishing is a small Canadian press focusing on high-quality translations of foreign literature (we are particularly interested in Russian prose). However, we also consider submissions of original fiction in English, or non-fiction works related to the field of translation. Click here to learn more.

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We are proud to announce the upcoming release of Skaz: Masters of Russian Storytelling, a dual-language anthology of Russian short stories edited and translated by Danielle Jones.